Salah camel

بورتريه صخري – من أعمال التشكيلي الليبي محمد بن لامين

This is the story that we want to tell. A historical story that was mentioned in the religious historical books of a detailed historical incident in the history of the heavenly religions ‘books and also in the history of human thought. To the extent of God’s ability to shape the tribal existence. The religious narrative that this incident was mentioned in one of the ancient Arab tribes that It used to live in the Arabian Peninsula called the Thamud tribe.. This tribe, until today, lived in a very cohesive mountainous region in the mountains that could not be breached and could not be penetrated in any way due to the strong cohesion of its stones.. God wanted to make of this The site is a sign of a historical scene that does not show its supernatural ability in the universe and existence.. That a giant animal called (the camel) emerges from the inside of this deaf mountain.. The camel’s exit from among those towering rocks was a scene that took the people gathered around the mountain: how is this recommended animal By God, to come out from between the folds of that deaf rock to go back to life.. The incident separated him in the history of divine miracles from what was reported about miraculous incidents in the history of the divine stories narration.. The incident was a defining moment in the essence of human existence.. and the extent of God’s sweetness to creation. Block Absolute blood and resurrection from an absolute vacuum.. That she-camel was a divine command in the evidence of our existence regarding the existence of the universe and man.. so that God would show His great narrative in the emergence and re-creation of creation. And in power beyond existence.. the elegance of (Saleh) was a divine statement to humanity that God is omnipotent.. And that cause and effect are two human things.. The verse (Saleh) was evidence of the extent of God’s ability to create existence and re-establish it again. God chose components to highlight this significance of different images that cannot be combined together to give birth to a living being. A mountain without life. Deaf rocks. A living being without natural birth or the tribal existence of an animal. New.. The logical picture was the creation of existence from absolute nihilism to the life of Aisha.. and this is what haunts our lives and hence our awareness of existence as a whole.. Nothing is higher than the self. That nothing can be generated from nothing.. These ideas are rooted in our minds. We say that there is God, but we cannot grasp Him and we cannot determine what He is based on our relative knowledge.. God appears to us in the possible manifestations of existence.. And we say that there is God. Creativity in the formation of things, you cannot overlook that behind it there is a find.. elegance (Saleh) A clear manifestation of the ability of the Creator, i.e., God to create from nothingness.. That incident was a clear manifestation of the Creator’s ability to come up with an image out of nothingness.. There is a negation in the relationship between an animal and a piece of solid rock from which a living person emerges from sustenance.. How does a living person emerge from A deaf stone.. that is, how a living thing emerges from nothingness.. and it is the overall picture of the existence of the universe that nothingness is not absolute and that there is a supreme ability to shape the universe. And man cannot transcend this ability.. The she-camel (Saleh) is the divine ability to shape existence as an absolute will.. God wanted to teach humanity the lesson that creation is above existence.. God wanted to break the law of cause and effect by giving birth to the camel above the natural law of creation. And it is an indication of the absolute power of God.. God wanted to present us with this picture to human flags, the extent to which he exercises his power over existence.. and that existence around us may be born out of a vacuum.. God does not appear before us, but in the manifestations that occur around us.. that it is from It is futility and lack of wisdom to say that there is no duty to this existence around us… but the crisis that we have is not God can be defined in a worldly language. The place. And from there we have relative, not absolute..

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