من أعمال التشكيلية مريم هنيدي
طيوب عربية

أسطورة التياع

أسطورة التياع للشاعرة آمال عوّاد رضوان/ ترجمتها للإنجليزية فتحيّة عصفور

من أعمال التشكيلية مريم هنيدي
من أعمال التشكيلية مريم هنيدي

A Legend Of Anguish
By: Amal Awad – Radwan-(Palestine)

Translated by: Fathia Asfour
Palestinian poet & tranlator

A child
You inflitrated into the wilds of my darkness
at a time when the scorpions of my rashness
were growing between your footsteps
 and spinning with the lashes of your letters a silk of passion…
from the threads of my prime
A poem
A poem you emerged with shyness…
You appeared in the hut of my dreams …
I crowned you a queen on the throne of my madness
when the lost in the jam of your echoes I was …
Still overtaken by the revolution of your beauty
The smell of my seasons became immortal by you…
by the recurrenc of
sweet songs echoing a scent of torment
They whirled me in a doubt of tear dodged by
I wonder till when I’ll keep dangling like a pale music
on the ladder of your water!
O you , Hera! the refuge of mother women
Why chasing women
giving birth to me?
and the hundred of your eyes pollinate my eye…
 and follow up my barefooted shadow?
to unknown beating
in whose wind your giant jogs
killed by my carob verse
I splash the hundred of his eyes candles on your mirror crest and on the arrogance of your peacock feathers
How transparent the crystals of your arrogance are!!
You fluff them
You spread them out
with a riot sword that radiates me
How could I turn its glare back to your eyes as vigilance sources were extinguished by your fires?
With my golden chain..between the fire of dust( earth).. and the light of haze(heaven)
by your wrists I
a star pomply glittering a legend of anguish
while the brides of grown- up breasts
p-r-a-t-t-l-i-n-g you a rebellion of challenge that threatens me
Oh, my love! can pain ail her?!
Where is it from me her beauty , the rescued by your ugliness, Hephaestus ?
Your heart , that is blinded by the flash of jealousy robs the pearl of my heartbeat.
Oh! my night hides my awe and fright
and collects the memory of your scattered breaths on
the ash of my memory
Where is it from me ,
my love? a melody in my fields
How it expanded to
a folk of life larks that protect me!!
Where is it from me,
my love? a glitter planet in the heaven of my soul lighting the path of my inspiration to YOU and landing on top of a CAVE that gives birth to me.
O , you! who hid yourself in a bar
whose indicator is dominion
You pour me a blazing hell in the cups of loss
and the flasks of my
densely covered desert quench your thirst.. so no stray groans get you swell up
Till when will we remain acrobatic hostages …worn by a sleepless deluge of mint?!
Here! the lust of my strips, that’s aged with isolation adorns you
so that the rhythm of
your bells can’t be disturbed
Here! the sparks of your jasmine wash me with the fires of your pistachio dust
I am the besieged by the murcury of your mirrors
Till when will the flute of my cell weep me?!
and the kerchieves of farewell keep waving me?!

أسْطُورَةُ الْتِيَاعٍ؟/ آمال عوّاد رضوان

تَسَلَّلْتِ فِي بَرَارِي عَتْمَتِي
وعَقارِبُ نَزَقي.. تَنْمُو بَيْن خُطُواتِكِ
تَغْزِلُ بِرُموشِ حُرُوفِكِ حَريرَ وَجْدٍ
مِنْ خُيُوطِ مُبْتَدَاي
قصِيدَةً انْبَثَقْتِ عَلَى اسْتِحْيَاءٍ
تَجَلَّيْتِ.. بِكُوخِ أَحْلَامِي
تَوَّجْتُكِ مَلِكَةً.. عَلَى عَرْشِ جُنُونِي
وَأَنَا التَّائِهُ فِي زَحْمَةِ أَصْدَائِكِ
لَمَّا تَزَلْ تَفْجَؤُني.. ثَوْرَةُ جَمَالِكِ!
رَائِحَةُ فُصُولِي.. تَخَلَّدَتْ بِك
بِرَجْعِ أُغْنِيَاتٍ عِذَابٍ.. تَتَرَدَّدُ عِطْرَ عَذَابٍ
فِي رِيبَةِ دَمْعَةٍ .. تُوَارِبُهَا شَكْوَى!
إِلاَمَ أظَلُّ أتَهَدَّلُ مُوسِيقًا شَاحِبَةً
هِيرَا.. أَيَا مَلْجَأَ النِّسَاءِ الْوَالِدَاتِ
لِمْ تُطَارِدِينَ نِسَاءً يَلِدْنَنِي
وَمِئَةُ عُيونِكِ.. تُلاَقِحُ عَيْنِي
وَ.. تُلَاحِقُ ظِلِّيَ الْحَافِي؟
إِلَى خَفْقٍ مَجْهُولٍ
يُهَرْوِلُ عِمْلاقُكِ فِي رِيحِهِ
يَقْتُلُهُ شِعْرِي الْخَرُّوبِيّ
أَنْثُرُ مِئَةَ عُيونِهِ شُموعًا
قُنْبَرَتِكِ الْمِرْآةِ
اخْتِيَاِل ريشِكِ الطَّاؤُوسِيّ
كَمْ شَفيفَةٌ بِلَّوْراتُ غُرورِكِ
بِسَيْفِ شَغَبٍ يشعْشِعُنِي
كَيْفَ أَرُدُّ سَطْعَهُ إِلى عَيْنَيْكِ
وَمَنَابِعُ الْحَذَرِ أَخْمَدَتْهَا نِيرَانُكِ؟
بِقَيْدِيَ الذَّهَبِيِّ
بَيْنَ نَارِ الأَدِيمِ وَنُورِ السَّدِيمِ
مِنْ مِعْصَمَيْكِ
نَجْمَةً تَتَبَهْرَجُ أُسْطُورَةَ الْتِيَاعٍ
وعَرَائِسُ الصُّدُورِ النَّاضِجَةِ
تُ ثَ رْ ثِ رُ كِ
جُمُوحَ تَحَدٍّ يُهَدِّدُنِي!
أَحَبِيبَتِي يَشْكُوهَا الْوَجَعُ؟
أَيْنَ مِنِّي جَمَالُهَا
يُخَلِّصُهُ قُبْحُكَ هِيفَايْسْتْيُوس؟
قَلْبُكِ الْمَكْفُوفُ بِبَرِيقِ الْغَيْرَةِ
يَخْتَلِسُ لُؤْلُؤَ خَفْقِي
آهٍ مِنْ لَيْلِي.. يُخْفِي وَيْلِي
يَجْمَعُ ذَاكِرَةَ أَنْفَاسِكِ الْمَبْذُورَةِ
عَلَى رَمَادِ أَنْفَاسِي!
أيْنَ مِنِّي “حَبِيبِي”
نَغْمَةٌ فِي حُقُولِي
كَمِ انْدَاحَتْ قَطِيعًا
مِنْ قُبَّراتِ حَيَاةٍ تَرْعَانِي؟
أَيْنَ مِنّي “حَبِيبِي”
كَوْكَبُ أَلَقٍ.. في سَمَا رُوحِي
يُضِيءُ دَرْبَ إِلْهَامِي إِلَيْكِ
ويَحُطُّ فَوْقَ مَغارَةٍ تُنْجِبُنِي؟
يَا مَنْ تَوارَيْتِ فِي حَانَةٍ
دَلِيلُهَا الْهَيْمَنَةُ
تَسْكُبِينَنِي جَحِيمًا.. فِي كُؤُوسِ الضَّيَاعِ
وَتُرْوِيكِ قَوَارِيِرُ هَجْرِي الدَّاغِلِ
فَلاَ تَنْتَفِخِينَ بِآهَاتٍ مُتَشَرِّدَة!
إِلاَمَ نَظَلُّ رَهَائِنَ بَهْلَوَانِيَّةً
يَلْبَسُنَا طُوفَانُ نَعْنَاعٍ لاَ يَنَام؟
ها شَهْوَةُ شَرَائِطِي الطَّاعِنَةُ بِالْعُزْلَةِ
فَلاَ تَخْتَلُّ إِيقَاعَاتُ أَجْرَاسِكِ النَّرْجِسِيَّة!
هَا شَرَارَاتُ يَاسَمِينِكِ تَغْسِلُنِي
بِحَرَائِقِ غُبَارِكِ الْفُسْتُقِيِّ 
أَنَا الْمُحَاصَرُ بِزئبقِ مَرَايَاكِ
إِلاَمَ تَبْكِينِي نَايُ زِنْزَانَتِي
وَتَظَلُّ تُلَوِّحُنِي.. مَنَادِيلُ الْوَدَاعِ!

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