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Liberty or Death

من أعمال الفنان محمد الشريف.
من أعمال الفنان محمد الشريف.

(Ahmad) one of youth who had narrowed their livelihoods in a closed society to find himself not to had any opportunity even to had some recreation for himself like other young people who closed in front of them, he had knocked the doors to disarm any job. He was concerned alternate in himself to get a job commensurate with qualifications when they received a certificate of graduation from a college of the city had been jailed into his home year after year, without hope of obtaining a job may expel his boredom surrounds him, not left him only loitering in the neighborhood, especially with youth of neighbors who are most of them share the same bad luck, in most of time , the chances of recreation only gathering in front of the corner of the street , it was only thing was available to him to recreate himself , all around him were the boys of neighbors and they were stuck with each other like a cell bees defend their existence of any coming harm, they did not bend for  nothing but talk or joke with what is happening around them, especially on their bad luck in this country of vast wealth, which denied a simple right of take care of their citizens , the most talk to people just only political talk about what were happening in this country of injustice, even that talk should be in whispering between them , speak loudly of politics was out of law, may draw you beyond the sun , every body was full of afraid of one spying on his talks , talking on politics was taboo, they were afraid of spying one on their talks to get harm… Imagine that the League of boys and what consanguineous kin are not only united by the idea, but they were already on the League of defending strange acts that when a gas them.. They take share in good times and bad times; they had feeling that they were one.  In some times ,they got fighting each other , just to express the inner feeling of discomfort of that state were being , they saw life passed them without touching them.,what the toughest life when you skimp (Ahmed ), like the rest of his peers who see life distance away from them.. (What is the toughest of life when you it closes the doors of hope in front of you), so he (Ahmed) repeating to himself in the bitterness of fate, he was trying knocking on the door of a job without much of success to obtain it. 
The removal of it in any sense of ambition to him, did not keep him nothing but hanging around in the streets of the city that was only way looking for to get a chance that only recreation for himself in this closed society ,just may attend one of his peers who took the corner seat of the vent about what is going on in their minds of trends and ideas and the street was not the club, it was the place to get comfortable with those around him.. They are stuck with each other,.hardly to be met and one does not only sets them apart just awarded robe covered by the night , the fighting in some cases arise among them for trivial reasons and perhaps relaxed to suppress in their hearts, which carries a lot of distress and dissatisfaction.. The people behind every year in hope that situation to be changed, but nothing happens except more of the exclusion and marginalization. People have lost all hope of reform to be happened. 

كتاب (Great Wilderness) للكاتبة سعد الأريل

There is no voice louder than the (Gaddafi) voice. The sounds of people no longer even hear what they were writing on the newspapers is just a storm in a teacup, and even words for reform and removal of corruption was just ink on paper.. The writing reformers just wrote on the water.. Most of the voices of the people of the restive situation in the issue are afraid of not one that can reveal what about the situation in the chest, but his fate and death, arrest or talk about the situation and national betrayal in any way and the voices of poets and folk art items exchanged between people in the strictest confidence, we mean in secret way to spell out.Distress had intensified with people even in the area of ​​work you can not get a job only through nepotism and favoritism owners in the country, even if it were business one You can not carry out any project planned to stay only with authority.. The situation was very miserable for all people, and had led the country became politically and socially spoilers. People had been seen the manifestations of corruption in all walks of life without saying a word.. The situation became more radical and violent entry and people who had been restless and removed him asking God. To get rid of it. Until that morning of Feb. 17, where the uprising swept the streets of major cities, nothing were behind that uprising , no political leaders and parties had share of setting that revolt and had not any political entity.. But the masses of the people who filled the streets and squares at once like a harm storm and began a massive popular revolution gone beyond the limits of the city (Benghazi) rebels.. And began to crawl on barracks battalions within the city and started bleeding heavily and when every drop of blood increases the revolution violent and they cheered to drop down the regime and the city streets and squares confrontation between the Soldiers of the regime and the rebels took place just only a few days but less hours even signed a full where the city were in the grip of rebels and freed the entire of city , people were felt with joy and glee filled their souls and recedes each of the clouds over the city and has been the sun shines everywhere.. It’s remarkable event in the history of the country as a whole and not in the city, Ahmed had been felt that he was born again ,and he felt for the first time that the breezes of freedom had been intermingled with the spring breeze.. No one dreamed of this day that arise when people and rush to salvation.. The satisfaction and joy fill the hearts of all people, the revolution has turned to mass wedding with streets and alleys and lanes.. It was a great joy of the people get rid of the fascist regime perch on their chests decades.. In a few days, the city became in the hands of the revolution and docked with it a lot of soldiers and youth leaders and the form of temporary work to organize and prepare for the confrontation, which may induce later.. Each city was motivated youth to draw the weapon, which may over come it from army barracks, it did not only lead them to form different groups of revolutionary ideas, but that their aim was to drop all of the tyrant and his rule and were ready to defend the city.. Came to be on 19 March of the same year as promising (Gaddafi) to fulfill sending an army truck full length of 100 km and the odd and the goal was to re-occupation of the city and subject to his control.. Military corps had crawled several unprecedented for urban warfare, with a comprehensive tool of destruction… That was in convoys that morning sent lava death within the city and the missiles and tanks and guns were usually not used in conquering cities without discrimination, even for the innocent bystanders who were killed in the morning hurt..Ahmed got concern when he heard of the columns marching toward the city and dew may dream of freedom is dissipated from him ,felt that he was no longer had choice : either freedom or death , he picked his weapon and ran towards the front of confrontation , in that moment he saw the young people were rushing towards those convoys, creeping to the heart of the city without retreat Ahmed did not feel of what was going on around , but his hand was on the trigger and pull the trigger , he had pushed to the center of the furnace and he did see a flame of fire and the rumble of lead and the sound of bombing around him ,. For some times the atmosphere of the battle had begun to calm and began shelling in the dimness. The enemy was defeated away by the rebels and fell battalions back outside the city walls and were dragging tails of defeat.. Ahmed took of sigh of relief and hope returned to him again in freedom.. It’s great victory of this revolution and to that city, the brave, and the sun began shining again on wall city, and no one able to conquer a freedom , freedom just a soul of life for every body., and the soul of Libyan people returned again., and was victory of life.

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