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من أعمال التشكيلي.. معتوق البوراوي
من أعمال التشكيلي.. معتوق البوراوي

He was watching this scene that he jumped in front of him without any thing to plan …there were a group of worms came out from the body of a piece of stinky meat and then began to gnaw that piece till to come on all of it. after a while the piece of meat disappeared, and suddenly nothing was found the piece of meat and worms, all stop to exist of the scene, the existence defeats the existence, all the picture were none.

There is no longer a trace of that stinky piece also the worms. These worms want to clean the ground from this mold surrounding that piece and end the presence of that stinky flesh. The picture has changed and nothingness has prevailed. everywhere has disappeared from the scene and nothing remains. the piece of meat and so are the worms. As if nothing happened around us, nothing remained in the scene around us except the nothing. I realized that the nothingness was absent from the scene around us, so he denied the existence of these worms as the nothingness. I realized that life is the existence and annihilation around it, the contradiction is the core of existence and it constitutes all meanings.

Those around us and I felt that life without death is not absolute and without meaning. Dialectic is the basis of our existence and it is the focus of our existence. Life around us can be annihilated, and so on. If we raise nothingness, there is no existence. then a person cannot feel happiness without feeling misery. Life is based on extremism and the struggle of opposites. He realized that there was a hand formed this contradiction so that life could go on, he answered and then denied. he suddenly jumped in front of him the image of his father, who was taken by death around him, he remembered his father was embracing him in his childhood and his image still stuck in his mind throughout his existence. sadness surrounds him when he remembered the feeling of love that surrounded him with a few tears flowing from his eyes for his eternal absence when his picture is mentioned.

He asked if his father could realize him again?? And he saw that nothingness does not result in a second life. These worms disappeared around him and no longer existed, the scene is no different from the absence of his father. body and soul, he used to say to himself, if I can I see my father again, he thought that was a form Imagination. He mentioned when he lost consciousness from the impact of an accident of car that he no longer feels life around him. He lost life completely. Perhaps the same situation is close to death. The absence is the absence of consciousness from us that created the tragedy of existence. Remember that angelic face of his girl who did not, who denies her life that death took her away from him. Perhaps throughout his life the image of that girl was dancing in front of him without being able to touch her. He believed that the eternal existence of this matter does not correspond to the contradictory reality. So, it is not a process without dialectic. death is inherent to life and life is associated with death.

Also, the happiness that tickles our existence in the presence of misery … the concept of absolute happiness is outside our existence as human beings, we do not feel with love, except when the hatred rises around us. Our perception of a rosy world without separating all evil from it is a kind of imagination. Happiness and misery are the focus of our existence, and perhaps misery precedes happiness, but my existence is linked between evil and good. And we cannot imagine a city a virtuous woman who transcends all evils … I jumped from before him the image of his father who was absent from him … and he realized in himself that he would not return to him again. Without stopping and without mercy … we live in death every minute. … everything around us jumps against it. pain defines happiness and evil determines good. a person cannot be discouraged from doing evil, as he will not stop igniting wars and enmities and does not understand what about that. he is driven by nothingness, without realizing it. we seek to death despite our desire to be alive. We are driven to death. Life without death is meaningless like those worms that move into existence.

A struggle still revolving around us. We were created this way and we stay on the road until wisdom was available around us. The wisdom of peace and love. a person is a mixture of good or evil, that he seeks good and evil without being separated from them. We cannot remove evil from good. There is no sense of good unless evil hits him. And we cannot perceive life unless we come into contact with death.

Death is a determinant of life, so if death raises us, there will be no life … this dialectic is the basis of the philosophy of existence … there is no meaning or perception of existence in the absence of nothingness, so it would be well aware of our salvation in this existence from any contradiction we face in our world that is beyond our existence. Happiness always resides in raising our pain from us, and pain is a determinant of happiness. Freedom corresponds to slavery … and those worms that move around the piece of meat are driven with a mysterious spirit that is difficult to recognize, but he cannot comprehend beyond that, he remains incapable of any explanation behind that that there is a power beyond our existence. This is how he felt. We live in this existence and we cannot know what it is, and our mind cannot reach beyond that whatever knowledge we have. knowledge of the movement of these worms will not reach an explanation except outwardly after the observation, we only perceive the phenomena without access to the possible knowledge because we live in an infinite existence that will not lead us to know what our existence is. Our knowledge is limited and cannot jump around or perception.

He used to say to himself: When I see those faces that were absent from him, face and jump in front of him to come back to see them again, a kind of existential absurdity. From this point of view, he saw this belief in coming back again as a matter of striking the imagination to return again. Our existence only generates absence outside of us, where are our loved ones who were walking around us? they have left in an irreversible way around us, and we will only have perception of the image. the original is neglected and the image remains around us, and the perception of what is around us remained around us. He had a complete awareness that the essence is not a part of existence that is resolved away from us. Or what is called the soul is nothing but us, we do not have the ability to recognize it that we were created like this and we will end without our knowledge. He had a complete realization that life is a mystery that revolves around us no matter what we come from knowledge and we do not have tools for interpretation. Science is only our perception. Reality with the contradictions it touches around us. We do not have awareness of what is behind it. that we believe in the existence of something that does not exceed our perception of phenomena. There is no absolute around us, this is how we found and like to be.

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