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The wave

تصوير: الشاعرة ليلى النيهوم.

One day I passed next to Sabri beach it was not the same arrangement already in my mind already   to visit that beach, which had seen all the time days of my youth. The time has passed us a lot about the stand. The scene was disturbed by some narrow after those years of my life.  years had alienated a lot about that place that embraced all the memories and my youth days. This was the beach which was the only place where I spent all my leisure time of my life when we were young, we did not have to inform only spending our leisure time in the arms of our fellow’s beach goers almost daily. I sat next to the beach I was lonely and the place was devoid of all visitors. I kept time and I’m reading through those memories. The pain was leaked to myself when I climb all those pictures of those friends of old times, who I used to sit them. Extended my hand to dive in the sand on the beach for perhaps looking for something that is missing. all they were no longer existing in this life any more, the death took them far away, it. Was a moment of sorrow their passing they all had gone away of their death.? I felt that the world has engulfed the College of breath whenever I remembered one of them.

Where is “Mohammed”? that the young Bohemian youth who had mastered everything, especially fishing. knowing was full of gravity and all around him. I did not know what’s behind that attractive magic which influenced those boys who always sat around him. As Joseph was a young man fond of morality was a writer did not like to publish what had been writing on the public. I used to borrow of him books from the library, were rich with all types of books. It used to look like a garden full of colors of the spectrum for each reference books. As for Shoaib, who was a young hound prison was always chased by the police, but he was carrying a heart as the heart of a child not much care about the affairs of life. At the same time was a skilled fisherman and was especially proficient in cooking fish. On top of that was one of the experts in the preparation of explosion materials which was used in fishing. The Abdul Aziz was had attractive and fluent voice in singing and probably earned him the origins of Moroccan Euphony.

Everyone buddy, we came together on summer days by the beach. It’s been a long time with those that stand with fellow. Life is routine robbed us the meeting. We cannot afford anything more than a rally on the beach. we sit together and talk and tell stories and adventures even false, including. Every one of us want to stand out among his peers. We had hoped that the daylight comes soon for the second day. To bring us together. our main hobby: reading stories and fishing. We felt that the night is a hurdle away from each other. We were extremely pessimistic when we see adversity have marked the mood of the sea. Our dreams were always concentrated on the second day. Where we embark on a fishing adventure. Not something that concerns us in this earthly life only those adventure everyday. Every morning we would we leave to the sea. The only thing that was disturbing mood disorder when we see the sea and the upheaval prompt. And prevents us from riding the sea. The bulk of today center on fishing. We were also watching those fishermen who are touring their catch of small vessels in an attempt to catch the fish. They were very skill at touching the fish swim around them. They saw the fish closely and we were unable to see them those fishermen were hunting fish of throwing a hand-made explosives.

كتاب (Great Wilderness) للكاتبة سعد الأريل

We occasionally watch some fishermen and they make those explosives were a substance TNT, Haddad They were in cans, and they put a small explosive in the heart of the article with those approved striker capsule cabbage with a match of sulfur. They distinguish between fish on the surface of the water overflowing and those that inhabit the Valley so as not to accelerate the run of fish when you throw the explosive can. They also use binoculars to monitor the fish under the surface. That was a telescope is a concave plate lives in mauled by a glass slab can see the fish. We rushed toward them when the first bombing take place to pick the dead fish in the bottom of the sea. The scene draws our attention when we see a dead fish that sparkle in the bottom, like pieces of silver. It was a scene filled magnificence. Those fishermen were feared a lot and when the police were in plain view on the beach rushing to escape their boats away from the beach.

Fishing with explosives it needed to superb craftsmanship and warned severe. The explosive can go of their hands, or fingers.

In most cases, we had our ways of fishing. We used to hunt small fish on the beach, and then make him Burner with beach sand and throw it between the rocks, reefs, fish come out to us between the rocks and we catch through the iron rod on the shaft. In most cases, we were fishing fishes which were usually hiding caves on the outskirts of water. Usually, the method of fishing is to install the hook length of the day inside the cave water. As we were fishing through the hunting rifles, which is in need of skill in how to catch fish by the gun.

Life was for us just a hobby and adventure are nothing more than that. Was awarded robes friendliness surrounds us in the company of wonderful. We put all the concerns of everyday life behind us. Was filled with freedom and our breath. It was all our concern is capturing the moment is not far from it.

When it did, her dress, dark life we no longer feel anything around us, only total immersion in work and in the company of artificially staff around us. I felt alienated from around them. I owe most of the time between the books and papers of transactions daily. I am now without the glottal on something. Even times of annual leave did not exceed two weeks at most. I was joyful in the house mostly. We feel that life away from us a lot no longer feel the presence only through the body which I felt of it, life remained confined to a narrow cage cannot afford to mobility. I am sitting on the beach I felt that the horizon in front of me dive into the darkness of my very obscure beach with water color cyan. One day I tried to retrieve the scene, but to no avail has betrayed my strength with the retrieval of all of that and perhaps age may sit me down. Man, dives in the wilderness when he feels that he is unable to realize their aspirations is still feather manipulated by the wind without stable states. At that moment I felt that nothing wraps awarded robes. nailing kept my eyes on the movements of the waves dancing in a rapid movement and I told myself: Perhaps the amount paid out of the water. I was watching each wave where was broken down on the beach. As I jumped to my mind a picture of those comrades who have gone without irreversible. I felt I was a passenger ship may be broken by adversity on a deserted beach. Even memories were the other breaks on the beach just like those successive waves that quickly disappear when touching the beach. I watched a high wave heading to the beach and I felt of strong attraction prompts me to dive into the combine in the middle of being swept out to sea without irreversible. Perhaps that lives in all of those suffering from pain in the chest without abruption in moments of separation. I had to leave the beach I felt my body pushing at my legs because of the grief that my pain I no longer intend to do anything but to rush away from the beach. It is no longer the place represents to me the only sand and water around me. I thought everything around me is just the nature of static. I wanted to scream loudly:  Why do the life flee of us? There was no answer, only that the wave that rushed from the rear towards the beach front, one thing is still close to us that the life was just dream hardly to stay around.

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