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من أعمال الفنان محمد الشريف.
من أعمال الفنان محمد الشريف.

Buddha That disabled child was squatting in the middle of the hall of the house, and the child was unable to move around himself. He remained paralyzed from the slightest movement. When you face him, he throws you with stray looks that can hardly settle on anything. His eyes remain fixed on you. it wants to tell you something, but he it is flied from him, he cannot talk to you. The language factor is completely absent from him and logic is unable to talk to you. Just lost smiles here and there and stray glances that cannot stand firm. His parents took him to many hospitals without finding a cure for his condition and ridding him of this disease, which the doctors did not realize to reveal what was behind his condition. It was as if fate, without prior planning, left this child hostage to his condition that hampered their livelihood. This child has surrounded the family and the depth of their sadness without finding a formula to save this child who keeps groaning among them. movement and even he continues to look at you without saying a word. and his eyes keep moving in the space of an existential tragedy that violated all the laws of nature and human existence around him. This is how he threw him into this tragic existence without his intervention. He does not feel the tragedy that surrounds him. He did not tell about his existence as a human being. Human consciousness may be completely absent from him. The smile did not leave his lips in an involuntary movement, as if he felt the nihilism of the existence that Surrounding those around him. That nothing makes fun of him except his existence, which the gods abandoned him in order to be a normal human being like his fellow human beings with his surroundings. Our ability to live. That his eyes remain fixed on us. they want to tell us something, but they are not strong enough to do so, it withheld knowledge from them. He wanted to tell us about his condition, but he could not tell us. He did not groan in front of us. And perhaps the greatest tragedy was to save him by drawing that smile that did not leave his face, as if he was making fun of me the existence of this creation that is outside the human custom in existence. Sickness and death are imposed on us without interference. We push the disease out of us, but we did not contribute to its creation. Everything in this life is beyond our control. ?? And why are we here? And to what way to step our feet on the arena of existence. There was no opinion on our part about accepting this existence or not about us. Everything has been written for us, and our contribution is to avoid what is happening to us from an existential tragedy. We have no attitude towards our creation. We found in a stinking lake full of contradictions, the existence around us is full of tragedy, we want to get rid of the pain, but it keeps creeping up on us without releasing it from us..

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